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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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unmistakable voice. first it's been a washout today. the rain isn't done yet. >> folks it's coming down all day long. we've been tracking rain across the region. let's get an update from storm team4. >> veronica johnson is in the weather center. how much more are we going to get? >> a little more. it will be a sloppy afternoon and evening rush. the rain has been covering the radar ever since early this morning from light showers north to more moderate, heavy rains to the south. of course, storm team4 told you about that yesterday, that we were going to see areas at least south of d.c. getting the more moderate rains. you can see by the dark greens, the yellows showing up. they're the moderate and heavy rains, fredericksburg all this advancing north-northeast ward. we're seeing it pufl into clinton, maryland, oxen hill,
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annapolis and bowie. anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 inch, maybe a 1/10 or 14 inch more. if you're going out this evening, wet roidads for a while. and yes more rain in the forecast. heavy rain and flooding kaizing major head dsaches for drivers in charleston, west virginia. some spots saw as much as 3 inches of rain. some found themselves stranded as they tried to drive through it. police shut down roads. rivers and creeks rose but the problems were mainly contained to the roadways. the silver spring couple in trouble for free range parenting plan to sue. they haven't named anyone in their lawsuit. on sunday, their children were handed other to child protective services the the kids ages 6 and 10 were spotted walking alone from a park a few blocks from
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their house. a statement from their attorney reads, they intend to fully vindicate their rights as patients and their children's rights and to prevent this from happening to their children gechblt last month they were found responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect after their kids were found walking alone. cps is investigating the latest incident. right now in alexandria testimony is under way in the trial of the man accused of killing a d.c. corrections official. northern krirnlg ofvirginia bureau chief julie carey is at the courthouse with the tearful testimony of the first witness. >> reporter:olyn cross' daughter broke into tears shown a photo of her late mother. as she told the story of that terrible september day when she found her mom's body, even jurors were moved to tears. clarissa told jurors her mother was her everything, her whole heart. carolyn cross was a deputy director in the d.c. department of corrections and was headed to
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a conference the day she was killed. her daughter testified she became fearful when she went to her mother's alexandria apartment building and couldn't reach her by phone. worried, she entered the apartment said davis, between loud sobs. i walked in and found my mother. she was laid out in front of me. and i screamed. i walked towards her and she had a plastic bag over her head and there was blood all over her head. prosecutors say the defendant decided to kill someone after a fight with his mother. his attorneys say he was in an acute psychotic state at the time and should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. coming up at 5:00, the accused killer and victim didn't even know each other. why prosecutors say the defendant targeted carolyn cross. in alexandria, julie carey, news 4. four families have to find another place to stay after a fire broke out in their apartment complex this morning in silver spring. this is manchester towers on wayne avenue.
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our chopper 4 video shows fire and smoke pouring out of the windows of an eighth floor apartment. witnesses say they heard an explosion and sow flames. the fire is out now. investigators are on the scene, trying to determine what caused it. damages could top $125,000. a volunteer verify's deputy has turned himself in. robert bates faces manslaughter charges for his role in a deadly shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. he was booked and released after posting $25,000 bond. a video of the april 2nd incident shows deputies chase, then tackle a suspect. a gunshot rang out. bates said he mistook his gun for a taser and that the shooting was an accident. he's due to make his first court appearance next tuesday. president obama met with iraq's prime minister today and pledged $200 million in humanitarian aid to help those displaced by isis militants. the president did not directly comment on the additional military support requested by prime minister abadi.
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president obama did say iraqi forces have become better equip pd and trained in the seven months since al abadi was elected. he also noted that about one-quarter of the territory that isis captured in iraq has now been recovered. nearly 48 hours later police are still looking for a man who they say killed his wife in a dunkin' donuts in maryland. according to police brad resh kumar patel beat his wife to death sunday night in hanover. both husband and wife work at the dunkin' donutsenutsdonuts. no a woman accused of leaving her quadriplegic son in the woods faces murder charges. nea parlor is in a maryland hospital. her 21-year-old son was found in a pile of wet leaves inside a philadelphia park. police say parlor left him there next to his wheelchair with a
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bible. she allegedly took the bus to maryland to visit her boyfriend. in addition to the new charges, she's facing kidnapping, assault and neglect. her son, who was exposed to the cold for about a week, is now in the hospital. now at 4, a frederick mother who failed to protect her child will spend at least 20 years in prison. stephanie william was sentenced to 40 years today with half the sentence suspended. prosecutors say she should have prevented her husband from killing their 21-month-old daughter anyia last year. the toddler spent most of her life in foster care due to physical abuse. she was returned to her parents three weeks before her death. williams' husband frankie has admitted beating the girl according to police. but he contends he's not criminally responsible. governor larry hogan says he will sign a bill called anyia's law aimed at preventing similar cases. and with that a new project
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to prevent flooding in the district is it under way. the jaigigantic machine you see here will dig a hole under first street tomorrow. it will provide storage for 9 million gallons of storm water to keep the water and sewage from flooding homes in the bloomingdale and la detroit park neighborhoods. the project will take about a year to complete. a local boy's life takes a dramatic turn because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. now his family talks for the first time and takes some serious action but not against the person who shot him on the playground. rolling 92 a metro station near you, the next big thing makes its debut today. was the wait worth it? the brand-new redesigned trains. we'll be right
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the former student accused of a deadly shooting at a community college in north carolina is now behind bars. kenneth stanz elle was arrested erg early this morning in daytona beach, florida, more than 500 miles away. a patrol officer found him sleeping on a beach holding a knife. the 20-year-old is accused of killing his former boss at wayne county community college yesterday. the school was shut down but was rehopped. the major artery that linked detroit to the canada border was shut down for hours today after this pickup are truck and trailer burst into flames. all traffic was stopped, and backed up for miles while firefighters tackled the blaze. flames and thick smoke could be seen for miles on the detroit side of the bridge. still don't know what caused this blaze and no one was hurt. new at 4 today, we've just gotten great news from loudoun county and tennessee about the stolen robotics from team
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roboloco, the equipment and trophies have been found near knoxville and appear to be in good condition. roboloco is the high school you'll recall robotics team that won a spot in the world championships during a competition a week ago. but their row bottle and awards were stolen along with their vehicle a few hours later. arrangements are being made to bring the equipment home to loudoun county. last weekend the team built new robotics using money and equipment donations. when they received their original robotics they'll decide which they'll use in the world competition. that's next wednesday. this evening will mark 150 years since abraham lincoln was shot inside a d.c. theater. lincoln was at ford theater with his wife when john wilkes book shot him during a show. lincoln died the following morning in a house across the street. ford's theater is now commemorating lincoln's death with unprecedented access to the theater as well as artifacts from that night. tomorrow morning at 8:00 bells
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will toll across the city in lincoln's honor. local neighbors on edge. smoke and flames surround several local communities. first at 4, why today's rain isn't washing away some big concerns about brush niers in our area. and oh, what a difference 24 hours can make. right now first at 4, showers all across the area, storm team 4 tracking when it moves off and why you may not want to put that umbrella away just kwlet.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. well, it's here. it is a new day, folks, on metro. for the first time in nearly a decade, there are sleek, brand-new trains on the tracks, and riders took the inaugural trip early this morning. the new 7000 series cars are generations ahead of the current cars. >> adam tuss was aboard the first blue line train to haul passengers today, and he tells us it did not disappoint. >> good morning customers. welcome aboard metro rail. >> reporter: and with that, off and running. the best way to describe it, upgraded. seriously upgraded with lots of flat screen monitors better seats, more room and no musty carpet. here we are on board the first trip on the new 7000 series railcar. shout it out, how is it? >> whoo! >> reporter: i'm told none of
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these people work for metro. they all seem to be enjoying the trip. there are even fancy new metro shades to go along with the new trip. >> this is an awesome train. >> reporter: what make it's so good? >> the interior exterior everything about the trainl. even the voice announcements. everything about it it's beautiful. >> reporter: and about those announcements -- >> this is the blue line train. >> reporter: -- they're pretty good. some riders say it's time to see this kind of upgrade. >> when i first started riding about five years ago, it was in the $3 range. now it in the $5 range. you want the most bank for your buck. >> reporter: we're told they're safer and stronger. >> the car may get damaged, the customer shouldn't be be. >> reporter: a new day for the second busiest subway system in the country. metro leaders tell us the next new train should roll out in the next couple of weeks and the red line expected to get it. back to you.
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the family of a 9-year-old d.c. boy shot on a playground wants to make sure other children are safe. he was hit in the head by a stray bullet last october outside the mayfair mansion apartments in northeast. today his family filed a $50 million lawsuit against the apartment complex, saying it didn't provide enough security. they also criticized d.c.'s crime lab claiming it still hasn't processed all of the crime scene evidence. jordan's mother talked about his recovery. >> he's doing much better today considering he was given only 35 minutes to live. i would hate to see another family go through what i've been through with jaden. >> jaden is continuing his physical therapy with the bullet still lodged in his head. he'll turn 10 in june. so far, no arrests in that case. today's rain could help put an end to a fierce and early set of brush fires near homes in montgomery county, and there's concern now about what those fires suggest for the future.
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scott macfarlane digging into this is in the newsroom with detail details. >> good afternoon, jim. agency reports filed by the fire department and reviewed by news4 show more than 120 acres have burned in montgomery county already this spring. county fire officials tell news4 it's especially early for so many fires to have damaged so much land. and it's a possible indication it will be a rough summer of brush fires. the images you've seen of a fire last week in gaithersburg close to the parkridge neighborhood. the second set of images from a fire near seneca creek park, within 100 feet of homes, very close to where people live. 350 firefighters were needed to combat last week's brush fires in montgomery county 100 fire units, too. >> and one potential for the early start to brush fire season, a particularly large amount of debris on the grounds in the woods from a rough and icy winter. jim? >> scott thank you. well, veronica, the picture
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behind us shows that things are really greening up around here, but it's really wet today. >> it is soggy today, and it's been of course a slow go on area roads with just the windshield wipers busy and a lot of splash off the roads, too. rainfallwise for the month we're up about a half inch for the year 5 inches or since march 1st 5 inches above average rainfall. so, you know we're doing just fine in the rainfall department. at least as far as the rest of today goes your moderate, heavy rains will be winding down shortly. you could get by with not the heavy-duty gear, just grab the umbrella heading out. we are expecting still hourshowers to continue until 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. across certain locations. here is a look at the wet weather starting out at 10:00 a.m. this morning. it's all sliding from west to east, and it has been sliding close to and right along this weather front that's been making its way from north to south right through our area. that's why just on the south side of the front we find some of the more moderate and heavy rains heading up areas of route
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1, i-95, as well as 30 one. schooler temperatures to the north, 54 gaithersburg, 52 around camp springs, 61 though around fredericksburg. we have seen some of the higher temperatures just south, charlottesville close to 60, cambridge coming in at 61 degrees. you can see the more moderate and heavy rains here by the bright yellow and orange. that is ip indeed advancing to the north and northeast toward allen's fresh waldorf, right up 95 and 301 in the next couple of minutes. evening planner forecast, we're at 55 right now. your temperatures really heading down into the low 50s by this evening. those numbers off by a few. but low 50s starting out tomorrow morning in the mid to upper 40s. not all that cold but lower than what we dealt with this morning. here is a look at the rain heading out of here from northwest-southeast. showers left lingering across maryland. 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the neck. overall tomorrow you'll remember it as a mostly cloudy day, there
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will be locations especially north of here that get a bit more sunshine, especially during the afternoon hours. look at that, by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, clouds coming back. temperatures right now we're going for the upper 60s to around 70 degrees and your thursday we'll keep an eye on this area, winchester area, culpeper, fredericksburg and eventually into our area fairfax and prince william during the afternoon hours, rain could be making its way back into the area again. late thursday. so unsettled period coming up. early tomorrow morning, 48 degrees manassas, 49 d.c., our friends in baltimore up i-95, 47 degrees starting out tomorrow morning with a high temperature going tomorrow for 69 close to 70 degrees. there's your rain chances thursday, friday, saturday. will they continue for the next couple of days? i'll tell you why at least these days are looking a little unsettled. we've got a full explanation of that coming up a little later in the newscast. >> thanks. remembering a legendary voice. >> first at 4, looking back at
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the life of a singer whose career may be best remembered with just one memorable lyric. tackling a big issue head-on, women making less than their male counterparts. how does the nation's capital compare to the rest of the country? we're going in depth this afternoon. but first we want to hear from you. we want you to sound off. >> it's our nbc washington flash survey today. do you think employers are doing enough to ensure equal pay for men and women? grab your phone and vote or on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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♪ when a man loves a woman ♪ he'll always be remembered as the voice behind that classic soulful ballad "when a man loves a woman." percy sledge died this morning at his home in baton rouge, louisiana. that was his debut single, became a massive hit that topped the charts in 1966 and was featured on several movie sound tracks. there's word sledge was in hospice care and died of natural causes. he was 74. the actress rita wilson is fighting breast cancer. "people" magazine first reported the wife of tom hanks is recovering from a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. wilson says she expects to make
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a full recovery. in a statement to "people" she said, quote that she caught it early, has excellent doctors and got a second opinion. she is taking a leave from her role on broadway in the play "fish in the dark". well just like any other part of your body your brain naturally changes as you age. a new study out today finds there are three things you can do to preserve and promote cognitive health. start by being physically active also reduce and manage things that raise your risk of heart disease, things like high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking. and talk to your doctor about any health conditions or medicines you have that might harm brain function. researchers say declining mental health is one of the most challenging health issues an older adult can face. jurors in fall river massachusetts, are nearing the end of six days of deliberation with no verdict in the aaron hernandez trial. the former new england patriots player is accused of murdering odin lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancee's sister, in june of
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2013. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. his defense team says he witnessed the murder. no notes, questions or any word from the jury so far today. a warning for the jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial this afternoon. the judge in the case told them not to attend any events related to tomorrow's anniversary of the attack. and they have to stay away from this year's marathon which takes place monday. the jurors were called into court this morning to be given that warning. they are awaiting the beginning of the penalty phase of the trial, which is scheduled to start next tuesday. last week, the same jury convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev of all 30 charges against him in the 2013 bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. a celebrity mountain lion on the move again in l.a. this afternoon. this story is trending on social media since it broke last evening. workers found the lion in a home in a crawl space. animal welfare couldn't move him because of his size, but eventually the wildcat wandered
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out on its oin. this is the same mountain lion national geographic photographed him in 2013 with the hollywood sign in the background. at that time he was tagged and given an electronic collar. right now officials are trying to pick up the signal from the collar to learn his exact whereabouts whereabouts. >> they'd want to find him, wouldn't they? >> yeah. fast. it's the night when the stars shine over washington. >> and it has one of comedy's leading ladies getting ready for her big moment. >> now being in the city again it's like wow, it's more real. it's getting more exciting. >> "saturday night live"'s success aly strong gets ready to face washington's elite. had a chance to catch up with her today. what she said about snl gearing up for campaign season. widespread showers this afternoon storm team4 is busy tracking how much more rain we'll get and when things will finally start to dry out. you're watching news4 first at 4.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. and let's get you caught up at 004:30, storm team4 has its hands full, rain falling across the region. veronica with an update on when things will dry out in a bit. the silver spring couple known for their so-called free range parenting plan to sue. over their weekend, their two kids were picked up by police as they played at a park a few blocks from their home.
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metro makes it official, the first 7000 series train is running on the blue line, right now just one train is on the track. more will be rolled out throughout the year. >> looking spiffy. and they're off. we've got three republicans in the hunt for the white house with senator marco rubio officially announcing his race last night. >> meanwhile hillary rodham clinton, the first democrat to declare, is in iowa today. she's just wrapped up her first official campaign event. clibt r clinton met with college students and educateors at a community college. >> jay gray joins us live from iowa with the latest today. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim, pat. her team says most know hillary clinton clinton's record secretary of state, senator, first lady. their goal is to make it more personal in this campaign. if the idea was to start low-key, well, hillary clinton picked the perfect place.
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sitting down with students and teachers for an education forum at tiny kirkwood community college in the middle of iowa farm country. >> i'm running for president because i think that americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: this is the first stop on her newly announced but widely expected second presidential campaign which includes a new grass roots strategy, meeting with voters one-on-one or in small group like she has in coffee shops and gas stations as she drove more than 1,000 miles to iowa from her home in new york. a trip targeting middle class voters, the group that swept her out of the race and barack obama into the white house almost eight years ago. >> there's something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that i saw on i-80. >> reporter: right now she's the only democratic hopeful. >> i think it will be exciting to have the first woman president. it's wonderful. >> reporter: but the field of republicans is growing.
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florida senator marco rubio entering the race on monday joining ted cruz and rand paul already on the campaign trail while jeb bush also are considers a run. and now the gop candidates have a target on the other side of the ticket. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. the arrogance of power. corruption. and cover-up. >> reporter: it's an image that doesn't play well in the heartland, which is exactly why clinton is here. now, tomorrow clinton will meet with another small group, this time in nor wok just outside of des moines for a business roundtable roundtable. that's the latest in monticello iowa, jay gray, news4. >> let the campaign comedy begin. cecily strong from "saturday night live" is in town as she gets ready to host the upcoming white house correspondents dinner. i sat down with her earlier today. she said the show is already trying to figure out which cast members will play which candidates. >> it's an exciting time of the
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year. you're always looking like, who do i look the most like? probably i'll be playing that person eventually. >> right. >> but it's a really great time to be be on the show, and there's just so much to pick and choose from. >> now, over the weekend you may have caught her fellow cast mate kate mckinnon playing inging hillary clinton. you can watch my entire funny interview on my facebook page with cecily on our web site and in the nbc washington app. wet roads through the evening rush hanging on for about five more hours. all of this rain. look at it making its way from west to east and riding up along the front, just generally showers out here. but up until about 5:00 6:00 or so some moderate rain sliding right no to the north out of southern maryland, charles county, stafford county, north and northeast. you can see the pocket around colonial beach and areas like deal and clinton before long.
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our temperatures will continue to come down from the 50s to the 40s, 57 degrees is where we'll drop by 11:00 p.m. we'll have more on our pattern unsettled weather, coming up in just a couple of minutes. maryland governor larry hogan signed a number of bills today and declared taxpayers are the winners. he signed a total of 121 bills that wraps up a legislative session that ended at midnight. hogan says the majority of the new bills were passed by both chambers a sign of bipartisan compromise. >> we ended the session on a high note by reining in spending cutting taxes, providing record investment in education, and changing the trajectory of the state. >> still, questions remain about how maryland will spend the roughly $200 million set aside in the state budget. it could go to education, a raise for state employees, or to health care programs. the governor says he'll make a decision on that later. women making less money than
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their male counterparts. today washington is putting the controversial topic in the limelight. how does the nation's capital compare when it comes to equal pay? "washington post" reporter danielle paket joins us live. danielle thanks for being here. >> happy to be be here. >> the washington region straks up a little differently when it comes to the pay gap between men and women. break down the gap in this area for us. >> sure. women in washington have it better really than women across the country. women here on average make about 90 cents for every dollar a man makes, the national average is closer to 80%. of course that figure changes across races. african-american women make about 30% less and hispanic women make about 40% less. >> and even the white house today, danielle, joined the conversation. they were tweeting a number of photos and even a video about the pay gap. a lot of celebrityies we saw jumping in on twitter. what is it going to take to
4:38 pm
balance men's and women's salaries? and when can we expect to see that happen? >> well, some researchers are projecting that women across the country won't see equal pay until about 2058. women in d.c., on average they are saying will see it a little earlier, 2055. the numbers change. really there's a lot of factors here contributing to the wage gap. some policy makers believe that better workplace protections can help, fix disparities, things like paid maternity leave would be great some say. and also we need to address those high child care costs often families, mothers, are paying more than they're paying for rental for child care. >> it's an issue a lot of people are very concerned about. danielle at the "washington post," thanks so much. we'll be reading you. >> thank you. teachers turned prison inmates. how the judge didn't exactly go easy on a group of teachers busted for helping their studzs
4:39 pm
cheat. like it or not, the deadline to file your taxes is looming. so what can it do -- how can it hurt you if you do
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ten atlanta teachers involved in that widespread cheating scandal were sentenced today, and the judge came down hard. he called it the sickest thing that's ever happened in their
4:42 pm
town. all but one of the former public school teachers was sentenced to jail time. their sentences ranged from one to seven years. the case involves a conspiracy to inflate students' scores on standardized tests. the teachers have 30 days to appeal. this is the closest most of us will get to actually being up in space. nasa just released this video showing what it's like to take a space walk. check it out. astronauts strapped on gopro cameras to their suits during walks outside the international space station. they captured some stunning views of earth. this video is from astronauts barry will more and terry verts. they were doing maintenance work to reconfigure the station for the arrival of more crew and cargo vehicles. some of them haven't been allowed to fly for years. now first at 4, the white house makes a big change when it comes to security in the skies, and it could change things for some suspected terrorists. rain through the evening. then we're not done with the
4:43 pm
rain chances for the week. wait until you see our seven-day forecast. we've got that coming up. we'll explain why it's been so unsettled that's next on news4 at 4.
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so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. but i forgot to attach the presentation it sends in a flash, good thing i have fios. i don't and it was taking forever. we don't miss a beat. i'm yelling at the kids to get off wi-fi. get off the movies! get off the video games! i think i got a promotion. i think i need a new job. are you guys hiring. why settle when you can have you
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have fiber optics with a two year price guaranteed. fios. the fastest, most reliable internet. sifting through the tax day confusion. i'm erika gonzalez. time is running out to file your taxes. if you're planning to buy some time, there are things you need to know. plus, it's an in-flight emergency that so many people are talking about today.
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a plane full of people is forced to make an emergency landing, and the reason is unlike any other scare in the air we've told you about before. first storm team4 and our soggy afternoon that isn't through with us yet. >> look at this mess behind us on radar. talk about a busy afternoon noeks. it is a wet one out there. storm team4 radar has been tracking it all day. doug kammerer joins us in a moment, but first vj, when will things timely dry out? >> we've got 94 four or five hours before we start drying out. that's when the back edge of all of this around frostburg, haig urzburg, petersburg, toward luray starts making its way eastward and out. it slides along this weather front. down to the south though, st. mary's charles county, west humber land where the moderate rain is, it's sliding north-northeastward to clinton deal, silver hill and walker mill in the next couple of minutes even waldorf and ak
4:47 pm
aqui could get that moderate and heavy rain. our rain chances wane toward 8:00, 9:00 this evening. we continue with the 80% to 90% at 5:00 down to 50% by 7:00, then by 9:00, 30% chance. i don't think we'll see much more by 11:00 p.m. or early tomorrow morning. right now your temperature 55 degrees with a northerly wind across the area. so we're on the other side of the weather front but again still making it to make its way south and clear. fairly overcast tomorrow, temperature 49 degrees, going up 20 degrees for the afternoon with a little more sunshine coming our way during the afternoon hours. so i think a lot of neighborhoods down to the south culpeper, stafford, maybe even manassas, warrenton could hit the high of 70 degrees tomorrow. we're at 66 in germantown and gaithersburg for a high, 68 in leesburg, 64 in martinsburg. exercise impact forecast, yes it will be an okay day for
4:48 pm
hitting the court. we're not expecting much rain. hopefully -- jim likes that -- they'll get out and clear the water off the courts by tomorrow morning. 49 degrees is how we start 59 at 11:00 a.m., 69 degrees for 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow. and there will not be much wind coming throughout the day and behind this weather front for tomorrow. so we start out at 49. your high 69 degrees. 68 degrees on thursday and thursday into friday right now we have rain chances, i think starting around 5:00 or 6:00 during the late afternoon/early evening hours thursday. hopefully the rain will push out of here early enough to salvage our friday. the high 70 degrees. at least over the next couple of days your highs will not be dropping down into the 50s and looking ahead to the weekend, anywhere from 68 to 74 degrees the high temperature. we've got a shower chance coming our way during the afternoon hours again on saturday. so clouds around for the weekend, your rain chance really
4:49 pm
saturday should be over by sunday. but we're into this unsettled pattern, yes, for the next seven days, even looking ahead to the next month it looks as though we'll have higher than normal rainfall coming our way with temperatures running about average for at least the next seven days coming up. but again, rain chances for thursday late again for friday early and for saturday early. we've got a lot more on what's falling right now and the impact on area roads coming up on news4 at 5. guys? >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. pat collins has confirmed that one of the two arrested for the bank robbery in d.c. is one of the so-called black hat bandits. he's looked at court documents and the 66-year-old admitted to police he took part in at least eight bank robberies throughout maryland and northern virginia. all of those robberies attributed to this group called the black hat bandits. the second man arrested in that
4:50 pm
robbery last month has not been connected to this group. coming up at 5:00 pat collins will take a deeper dive into the court documents to see what they tell us about this accused serial bank robber. i'm wendy leaguer at the live desk. see you in a fuf minutes. well, you haven't filed your taxes yet this year and you don't plan on doing so by tomorrow's april 15th deadline? so now what do you do? >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to tell you and break down the syntax. >> remember with the extensions that it gives you more time to file the paperwork. >> right. >> it does not give you more time to pay. >> right. >> first things first. if you're looking for how to file an extension, you can go to e-file or web site print out form 4868. i put that on our facebook page. you fill that out, mail it by tomorrow. when it comes to payments, if you know you owe the government the deadline to pay, as we just
4:51 pm
mentioned, is in fact tomorrow. i talked to the experts at earlier today and they tell me, even if you don't know the exact dollar amount you owe, make an estimate. a high estimate. and send the irs money. you're trying to avoid paying interest and penalty fees associated with filing late if you overpay the irs will send you a check back. now, if you can't pay everything that you owe all at one time, the irs does have a payment plan. you can request that from the irs. i just posted the extension form on our consumer watch facebook page and also the link to the irs payment plan option. so you've got a couple of different things to work with there. and coming up on news4 at 5 tonight, a glitch at nats park has left some fans extremely frustrated. we'll tell you what happened and what the nats had to say about it, all that coming up tonight at 5:00. if you've got a story idea just
4:52 pm
like the story we're talking about with the nats, we'd love to hear from you. some of our best stories come from you. send us an e-mail consumer we're also happy to take your calls at 885-4884. pat and jim? >> and if you're really late she'll do your taxes tonight and tomorrow. >> oh, no she will not. >> thanks. this afternoon the white house says it is changing some of the rules when it comes to people who are on the so-called no fly list. the obama administration says it will begin telling some suspected terrorists whether they are on the list and why. right now tens of thousands of people are banned from flying to, from or within the u.s. travelers who are denied the chance to board a plane can now petition the tsa. until now, the government would neither confirm nor deny whether someone was on the list. the changes come amid an ongoing federal lawsuit. now to the emotional story of a local woman badly burned in a fire as a child.
4:53 pm
it's taken multiple painful surgeries on the road to recovery including a botched procedure, that left her with major problems. news4's kristin wright sits down with chrissy orkaceda who will be on the show "botched". >> reporter: she was just a child, her face and hands in bandages. her third degree burns painful from the fire. years later a surgery that was supposed to help heal scars for chrissy ended up dig figuring her. she says the procedure was botched. >> the greatest potential for improvement. >> where have these doctors been all my life? >> caller: chrissy has gone under the knife on the reality show "botched." it was her 11th surgery and last attempt al normalcy. tonight chrissy shows us the dramatic results and how it's changed everything. that's ahead on news4. mysterious sounds at 35000
4:54 pm
feet. the alarming sound inside a plane filled with passengers forced to land. and the reason for this emergency landing is unlike any you've heard before. >> reporter: testimony inside this alexandria courthouse today that even moved jurors to tears. it came from the daughter of a homicide victim who discovered her mother's body. what she had to say that caused jurors to break down. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese.
4:55 pm
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. passengers and crew on an l.a. to seattle flight are talking about the noise that led to an emergency landing yesterday. it was coming from under their seats, banging and screaming on an alaskan airlines flight that just took off from seattle. nbc's beverly white reports. >> reporter: passengers at l.a.x. recall the desperate sounds of a baggage handler trapped beneath their feet on flight 448. >> it was like right there. he was like, help, help! i was like, what? we're in the middle of takeoff. >> just about when the nose is lifting off the ground we started hearing yelling for help. >> reporter: alaska airlines says a contract worker claims he fell asleep in a pressurized temperature-controlled portion of the aircraft. passengers believe the takeoff woke him up and air marshals with ears to the floor helped calm him down. >> he pounded down, and they
4:58 pm
pounded back to let whoever was there know that yes we knew somebody was there. >> the marshal kind of made himself known. he started banging back and yelled really loud and said, we're getting ready to land! hold on to something! >> reporter: we're told the pilot announced the emergency landing without saying exactly why. >> everyone was just quiet, kind of in awe. he just kept banging just kept banging. >> reporter: back in seattle that passenger captured this photo of the worker walking away with rescuers all the travel everies grateful everyone emerged safe. >> i don't care what he's doing down there. hope he survives. i didn't know whether he was in the wheelhousing or where the hell he was. >> i've never been on a flight like this before. i fly all the time, too. involving that gang of robbers that have terrorized our local banks, news4 has obtained documents on the black hat
4:59 pm
bandit bandits. pat collins will join us live with the documents. powerful testimony from the daughter of a murder victim. tonight at 5:00, the moment that brought the jury to tears today and why prosecutors say the victim was target eded. beginning with the weather across our area right now, a very dark, gloomy day. what a far cry from what we were seeing just 24 hours ago. yesterday we had a high of 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine. today in the 50s right now. we've got the rain coming down. look at the rain streaming in over the past few hours. that rain making its way through. this is it a 12-hour loop. you see the rain continuing. it was here during the morning rush, here all day. right now it's here during the evening rush, too. look at the latest rush. some of the heaviest rain back to winl chester. look down to the south, especially south and east of i-95, in through southern maryland, some heavy rain right now down along leonardtown route 4, route 5, back towards
5:00 pm
waldorf and charles county and toward the northern neck. we'll continue to see this rain right on through the rest of the evening hours so it will continue to be slow going on some of the roads. if you're thinking about heading out, make sure you keep the umbrella handy. we'll need it through the 7:00 hour with temperatures in the low to mid-50s, 56 at 11:00, a very cool and dreary night. the forecast coming up, another chance for showers. i'll show you when that moves in as well. now to those new developments about those bank robbers known as the black hat bandits who have netted more than $80,000 from robbing banks in our area in the last 18 months. let's go right now to news4's pat collins live at the bank where the case broke open, wells fargo. pat? >> reporter: wendy it was march the 13th friday the 13th the black hat bandits hit this wells fargo on connecticut


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